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Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy
Transforming Lives
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W e l c o m e

R·E·F·U·G·E Services is a non-profit organization that is community sponsored to help all those who would like to learn more about changing life patterns and overcoming obstacles in their lives.

R·E·F·U·G·E Services provides counseling in a non-traditional and action-oriented setting to youth, families, and group programs.

The purpose of REFUGE Services is to aid in the growth toward wholeness for the total person - body, mind, and spirit - by enhancing family functioning and expanding skills and strategies for coping with stressful life circumstances. REFUGE Services combines traditional clinical sessions with the experiential therapy of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). Workshops, seminars, and activities are specifically designed to address the needs of families, individuals, corporations, and other groups in challenging, accepting, supportive and Christian environment.


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