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Volunteer Roles

Sidewalking and Horse Leading
  • 16 years old or older
  • Have 1 yr horse experience / basic prerequisites
  • Attend initial orientation
  • Attend Sidewalking/Horse leading training
  • Be able to commit for 1.5 hours per week
  • Availability includes Monday and Wednesday
Horse Handler/Barn Chores/Tack Cleaning
  • 16 years old or older
  • Attend initial orientation and training
  • Available approximately one hour per week, days or evenings
  • Must demonstrate basic prerequisites
Horse Buddies
Horse buddies are horse experienced adult volunteers (posessing all of the prerequisite skills) who have an interest in being a buddy to one specific horse. This volunteer must be able and interested in helping provide the following to a favored horse:
  • Any special attention the horse needs
  • equine massage
  • TTouch
  • hoof care
  • bathing
  • clipping
  • grooming
  • feeding and medication as needed
  • hand grazing

This person must agree to working with their buddy horse on a regular basis during regular barn hours. No riding, however, lots of loving is just fine and highly preferred.

Fundraising Committee
  • Willing to meet with the committee
  • Plan or assist with fundraising events and/or projects
  • Execute event and/or projects


  • Flexible days and times
  • Planting flowers and plants
  • Maintaining garden

Basic Horsemanship Prerequisites
  • Demonstrate horse saftey
  • Tie a Safety Knot
  • Catch a horse
  • Halter a horse
  • Lead a horse
  • Demonstrate understanding of horse space
  • Demonstrate understanding of horse communication
  • Groom a horse
  • Pick Hoofs
  • Tack a horse

Interested in Joining Our Volunteer Team?

Our riders need you!  Volunteer for the fall session.  Volunteering at Refuge Services might be the best thing you have ever done for yourself - and for the special riders at Refuge Services.  We would not be able to run our operation so effective if it were not for the support and dedication of hundres of volunteers who give so selflessly of their time.  At Refuge Services, volunteers go behond helping individuals with their lessons; theyhelp the riders experience success!  Join us this fall and share in our rider's triumphs.

Please follow these steps:

Step 1 Download and complete this Volunteer Application.
Step 2 Download and complete this Emergency form.
Step3 Download and complete this Liability Release form.
Step 4 You must attend a Volunteer Training Session. Click here to see the calendar of events for the date of the upcoming training sessions. Complete this registration web form and tell us which volunteer training date is good for you. Don't forget to bring your completed forms.
Current volunteers must update their information every year by completing this
Volunteer Application Update.
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